Spirit Wear Launched!

Special Olympics Burlington is SO excited to launch our very own range of spirit wear, that athletes, families, coaches, volunteers – and any one who loves Special Olympics Burlington – can be proud to wear any time, any where!
All items are available to purchase online from now until September 30 and should be delivered by the end of October.  Depending on the success, we plan to do this once each year at the beginning of the fall/winter season, so don’t miss out!
Simply visit www.tategear.com/bso to order!  You will see our awesome range including t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweat pants, hoodie, shorts and baseball cap. Pay directly online.
Please note:
This site is designed for schools/colleges, so where it says student please enter your name – and rather than selecting a class/teacher, you will be able to select any Special Olympics Burlington team you belong to, then all of your spirit wear will be delivered straight to your coach to be distributed at practice.
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What sizes are available?
You can purchase all huge range of sizes, from x-small youth all the way to 4XL adult!
Worried about choosing the right sizing or how the item will feel?
We will have a limited amount of samples (no logo) at sign up night next week for you to f

eel the material or decide on the right size for you.

Want to purchase as a gift without someone knowing?
There is an option when your order to purchase these items as a gift (great for Christmas or birthdays!), in which case we will be able to discreetly give you items without your athlete knowing.
When can you wear the clothing?
These items do not replace any team uniforms you already have or are required to wear at competitions or meets. You can wear these to practices, to competitions/meets if your sport doesn’t require uniform – or any time you like!
Just remember to put your name in all your items so they don’t get lost.
When will you receive your order?
Orders should be ready around the end of October, and your coach (from the team you select when you place your order online) will bring your items to practice as soon as they arrive.
We can’t wait to see everyone kitted out in their brand new Special Olympics Burlingtonspirit wear. Check out www.tategear.com/bso to get yours!
Coach Helen