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Special Olympics Burlington is entirely run by volunteers. We have more than 80 Coaches, Junior/Peer Coaches, Team Managers, plus many parent volunteers helping at training, meets and events.

Coach Ros awards four first place ribbons to Darren!
Coach Ros awards four first place ribbons for a great performance in a swim meet!

Our volunteers come from all walks of life – high school students, sportsmen and women, those who love working with special needs, parents, siblings, those simply wanting to give back – but all have one thing in common, the decision to be part of one of the world’s most powerful and effective movements, one that forever changes the way people with an intellectual disability are perceived and treated.

Becoming a volunteer is full of rewards and moments that make it worthwhile – and Special Olympics Burlington is a great place to experience just that.

Two of our High School volunteers!
Two of our High School volunteers!

Focusing on enriching the lives of both those involved in the program, as well as those overseeing it, the experience of donating your time to our athletes is one you will not regret!

Join Us and Contribute to Social Change

  • We instil confidence, self esteem & other life skills through real sport experience.
  • We foster healthier individuals by developing life-long physical fitness habits.
  • We decrease the risk of obesity and other chronic diseases.
  • We change attitudes and create a more inclusive society. We believe that people with an intellectual disability can, and will, succeed when given the opportunity. We are levelling the playing field.
  • We strengthen communities by bringing people together, promoting volunteerism, and civic engagement.

    Coach Patrick teaches Martial Gym moves.
    Coach Patrick teaches Martial Gym moves.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please get in touch! We ALWAYS need extra help and would be delighted to hear from you.

  1. Please contact us with your name, age (if under 18) and the sport you are interested in helping with.
  2. Please register as a Special Olympics Volunteer. Fill out the online form and obtain an original copy of a police check with vulnerable sector report and mail to Special Olympics Ontario (65 Overlea Boulevard, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario M4H 1P1). Retain your receipt for the police check and Special Olympics Burlington will refund the cost.
  3. Get started and never look back!